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Party Goer? How to Maximise Space for Your Guests

Jun 09, 2022

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There’s no such thing as a space that’s too small for your next big night in. Whether it’s board game night with your friends or a dinner party with people from your building, even the most compact apartments have plenty of room for guests. Depending on the size of your apartment it might take a little bit of creativity, but with determination and improvisation, every apartment can be transformed into the ultimate entertainer’s space. To help you out with planning your next gathering, we’ve put together a few of our favourite tips on how to maximise apartment space for your party guests.

  • Design a Menu to Suit Your Space

Most parties are built around a few important ingredients: good friends, fun games and delicious food. If you’re cooking for the event then do yourself a favour and design a menu that suits the space in your apartment.

For starters, decide whether the gathering will be more of a sit-down meal or a standing finger food kind of event. If you’re going with a sit-down meal, simplify the menu as much as possible. Complex meals take up space in the kitchen, so it pays to choose one or two dishes that can largely be prepared ahead of time. Another great way to save on space in the kitchen (and in the fridge) is to outsource some of the dishes to your guests. Ask your friends to bring dessert or finger foods so you aren’t trying to coordinate too many things at once.

  • Separate the Food and Drinks Tables

If table space is at a premium in your apartment, a simple solution is to spread out the food and drinks. This doesn’t just save precious counter real estate, it’s also a great way to keep your guests moving and mingling!

Try serving your nibbles and finger food at the coffee table rather than the kitchen bench. The table of drinks can be set up on the balcony or in another room. That should leave your breakfast bar or dining table free for serving the main meal, or simply as a good place for guests to sit and gather. If you’re running out of table space then don’t be afraid to fill an esky or the bathtub with ice and use that for your drinks.

  • Shift Things Around

Your furniture isn’t bolted to the ground, so don’t be afraid to change your apartment’s layout before the party!

Grab a helper and start moving things about. That dining table that usually lives up against the wall? That can go in the middle of the room so your guests can sit around it. And your lounge chairs probably don’t need to be turned to face the TV during a party. They can be rearranged to face each other for sit-down conversations, or they can be moved out of the way to make room for games or a dance floor.

If your apartment or furniture limits what you can do with the layout, don’t be afraid to improvise. For example, a coffee table and some floor cushions make a great alternative to a dining table.

  • Know When to Take the Party Elsewhere

Sometimes a cosy party in your apartment is just what you need. For other times, take advantage of the lifestyle options that apartment-living offers. Many of Brisbane’s biggest apartment complexes are in suburbs like West End, South Bank, Newstead and Fortitude Valley. What do all these suburbs have in common? They feature the city’s biggest and best selection of bars, restaurants and activities! Heading out of your apartment and taking the party to a nearby location is sometimes the best solution to make the most of your small space.

Reserve the lounge and the guest bed for a few of your friends to stay the night, and then take the rest and book a table at one of Brisbane’s most delectable restaurants.

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