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Jun 9, 2022

Party Goer? How to Maximise Space for Your Guests

There’s no such thing as a space that’s too small for your next big night in. Whether it’s board game night with your friends or a dinner party with people from your building, even the most compact apartments have plenty of room for guests. Depending on the size of your apartment it might take a little bit of creativity, but with determination and improvisation, every apartment can be transformed into the ultimate entertainer’s space. To help you out with planning your next gathering, we’ve put together a few of our favourite tips on how to maximise apartment space for your party guests. Design a Menu to Suit Your Space Most parties are built around a few important ingredients: good friends, fun games and delicious food. If you’re cooking for the event then do yourself a favour and design a menu that suits the space in your apartment. For starters, decide whether the gathering will be more of a sit-down meal or a standing finger food kind of event. If you’re going with a sit-down meal, simplify the menu as much as possible. Complex meals take up space in the kitchen, so it pays to choose one or two dishes that can largely be prepared ahead of time. Another great way to save on space in the kitchen (and in the fridge) is to outsource some of the dishes to your guests. Ask your friends to bring dessert or finger foods so you aren’t trying to coordinate too many things at once. Separate the Food and Drinks Tables If table space is at a premium in your apartment, a simple solution is to spread out the food and drinks. This doesn’t just save precious counter real estate, it’s also a great way to keep your guests moving and mingling! Try serving your nibbles and finger food at the coffee table rather than the kitchen bench. The table of drinks can be set up on the balcony or in another room. That should leave your breakfast bar or dining table free for serving the main meal, or simply as a good place for guests to sit and gather. If you’re running out of table space then don’t be afraid to fill an esky or the bathtub with ice and use that for your drinks. Shift Things Around Your furniture isn’t bolted to the ground, so don’t be afraid to change your apartment’s layout before the party! Grab a helper and start moving things about. That dining table that usually lives up against the wall? That can go in the middle of the room so your guests can sit around it. And your lounge chairs probably don’t need to be turned to face the TV during a party. They can be rearranged to face each other for sit-down conversations, or they can be moved out of the way to make room for games or a dance floor. If your apartment or furniture limits what you can do with the layout, don’t be afraid to improvise. For example, a coffee table and some floor cushions make a great alternative to a dining table. Know When to Take the Party Elsewhere Sometimes a cosy party in your apartment is just what you need. For other times, take advantage of the lifestyle options that apartment-living offers. Many of Brisbane’s biggest apartment complexes are in suburbs like West End, South Bank, Newstead and Fortitude Valley. What do all these suburbs have in common? They feature the city’s biggest and best selection of bars, restaurants and activities! Heading out of your apartment and taking the party to a nearby location is sometimes the best solution to make the most of your small space. Reserve the lounge and the guest bed for a few of your friends to stay the night, and then take the rest and book a table at one of Brisbane’s most delectable restaurants. Looking for the Perfect Entertainer’s Apartment? Amazing Apartments Can Help! We all love a good party, and if you enjoy spending your weekends hosting events for your friends, apartment living has plenty to offer! Cleverly designed to maximise your space, Brisbane’s apartments are ready to be transformed into the perfect entertainment space. Amazing Apartments are specialists in the industry, and we work closely with apartment buyers and sellers to match them to the best property for their needs. If you’re looking for an apartment with plenty of room for entertaining, our apartment real estate specialists can help you find the perfect property. Simply contact us today and let the Amazing Apartments team help you find the apartment you’ve been dreaming of!

May 31, 2022

Is Composting Possible in an Apartment?

Composting is one of the best tools for anyone who loves their plants or wants to reduce their carbon footprint. The humble compost bin breaks down your food scraps, creating nutrient-rich fertiliser and saving your rubbish from ending up in harmful landfills. And composting isn’t just for the people who own an acre of land – it can be done in just about any home, including apartments. All you really need to start producing compost is a few plastic bins and a dark, room-temperature spot to keep them! In this article, we’re going to cover the basics of composting for anyone who lives in an apartment. Does Compost Smell? The first question on your mind is probably about whether or not your compost bin will smell. The good news is that compost doesn’t smell when it’s done properly. The bacteria in compost break down organic matter and produce methane and carbon dioxide as a byproduct. Proper composting conditions mostly produce small amounts of carbon dioxide and almost no methane, meaning your compost should smell like rich soil and not much else. Keeping your compost smelling fresh is mostly about maintaining its moisture and temperature levels, so even indoor compost bins shouldn’t smell bad. Choose the Right Type of Composter Before you can begin composting, you’ll need somewhere to put your scraps. There are a few main types of composters suitable for apartment living: Worm Composters. Earthworms are your best friend for composting. They move through the scraps, eating the material, and turning and aerating the soil as they go. Worm composters are by far the easiest way of producing high-quality compost in an apartment, and you can find instructions on how to make your own bins if you’d like to save a bit of money. Compost Tumblers. If you can get your body corporate’s permission to place a compost bin in a courtyard or shared green space, then the classic compost tumbler might be for you. Compost tumblers are too large to have inside your apartment, but they’re a simple solution for keeping your compost freshly turned and increasing the speed of decomposition. Compact Food Digesters. Food digesters are an electric countertop composting appliance. They use special probiotic additives and grinding blades to turn kitchen scraps into compost within hours. You might spend a little more on buying the digester than with the other methods, but they’re a great idea if you don’t have anywhere else to place a composting bin. What Goes Into Compost? Compost bins are the ideal place to dispose of a range of scraps and rubbish from around the home. The types of matter that can go into your compost bin are typically broken into “brown” and “green” groups. With the right balance of brown and green materials, your compost bin will produce quality fertiliser without making any unwanted smells. Green compostables include: Fruit and vegetable scraps, Coffee grounds, Tea leaves and tea bags, Fresh grass or plant material, Human and pet hair. Brown compostables include: Dry grass or plant material, Newspaper, cardboard and paper towels, egg shells, Plastics certified or home composting If you’re using a countertop food digester, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on what can and can’t go into the machine. Using Your Apartment’s Compost Whether you’re using a high-tech food digester or a classic worm composting bin, the result will be nutrient-dense compost that your plants love. The compost you make is the perfect soil additive for house plants, potted herbs and the landscaping around your apartment building. Anything that doesn’t get used right away can simply be stored in a container and used later when your plants need a boost. Alternatively, you could look into joining a community garden – they’d be thrilled to have any high-quality compost you can supply. Otherwise, unused compost can go in the bin. You’ve already done the hard work and broken down your kitchen scraps in the most environmentally friendly way, so anything that’s leftover can safely go into landfill. Ready to Make the Switch to Apartment Living? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! Apartment living offers fantastic lifestyle options that can’t be accessed any other way. And, for those who love their plants and gardens, apartment composting is an easy way to keep your space looking green and bright! If you’ve been thinking about buying an apartment or selling the one you already live in, the Amazing Apartments team would love to help. We’re Brisbane’s apartment specialists. As part of our process, we take the time to match each of our clients with the apartment that best suits their needs. So, if you’re looking for an apartment with plenty of room for all your plants, get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you!

May 19, 2022

The Best Dogs for Apartments

Apartment living offers some of Brisbane’s best lifestyle options. Our inner suburbs are filled with apartment buildings that put the occupants within easy distance of world-class dining, entertainment, amenities and more. If that sounds like exactly the sort of place you’d like to live, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people all over the River City are happily living in apartments and loving everything the lifestyle has to offer. And the best part is that apartment living is totally compatible with your furry friends! Whether you’re already living in an apartment or thinking about making the switch, we’ve got a list of our top 8 best dogs for apartment-dwellers. French Bulldog French Bulldogs are everything an apartment-dweller could want. The popular breed is small, they don’t make much noise, they hardly shed and they’re content with one short walk a day. Best of all, French Bulldogs are super friendly and they’re just as happy to be a lap dog as they are to take a snooze when you’ve got other things to do. Bichon Frise Small, cute and extremely fluffy, the Bichon Frise is an amazing apartment companion. Despite their fluff-ball status, Bichon Frise shed very little. Just keep in mind that they are high-energy dogs that love to be taken out every day for walks and exercise. Chihuahua Famously small and famously cute, the Chihuahua only needs a small amount of exercise each day. With proper training, your Chihuahua will become one of the world’s friendliest dogs, and you’ll avoid raising a dog with the yappy personality the breed is sometimes known for. Dachshund The famous sausage dog, Dachshunds are tiny, adorable and very friendly. They’ve got a small bark and small legs, so they won’t bother your neighbours and they only need a little bit of exercise to stay happy and healthy. Greyhound Not a small dog person? Greyhounds make excellent apartment dogs! They might be some of the fastest runners in the dog world, but Greyhounds are more interested in a low-energy lifestyle most of the time. A quick walk each day is all your Greyhound needs, and the rest of the time they’ll be quite content to laze around and enjoy the peace. Basenji Originally bred as hunting dogs in central Africa, the Basenji are a medium-sized dog well known for being quiet companions. They aren’t completely silent, but the breed has an unusually shaped larynx and they vocalise through an odd grunting sound rather than a bark. If you’ve got a running trail or park nearby to help burn off their energy, your Basenji will be right at home in an apartment. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Small, fluffy and extremely friendly, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is perfectly suited to apartment lifestyles. Their size makes them ideal even for single room or studio apartments, and their exercise needs are easy to keep up with. Spaniels are also good with kids, people and other dogs, so your little companion is bound to make a few friends of their own. Italian Greyhound All the speed and grace of full size Greyhounds but only a fraction of the size, Italian Greyhounds love to relax almost as much as they love to run. Their compact size makes them perfect for apartments and it’s easy to keep them happy with a short walk each day and a lot of belly rubs. Looking for a Pet-Friendly Apartment? Talk to Amazing Apartments Today! The team at Amazing Apartments specialise in just one thing: we sell apartments all over Brisbane. A key part of our process is to sit down with each apartment buyer and find out exactly what they want from their new property. Getting to know more about you means we can match you to the lifestyle features you want, including finding apartments that will allow you to bring your cat or dog with you! Whether you’re looking to sell your current apartment or buy a new one, speak to our team today and let us help you find your dream apartment.

May 9, 2022

The Moving Checklist Everyone Should Have

Moving to a new apartment is supposed to be an exciting time. But the stress of packing up your belongings and getting them to your new property can be overwhelming. The key to a seamless moving process is to start early and take care of the details well in advance of the actual moving date. To make sure your next move goes off without a hitch, we’ve put together a moving checklist you can work through before your next big move. 1. Coordinate with The Building Manager Moving into or out of an apartment requires a bit of help from your building management. Once you know your moving dates, you’ll need to speak to the managers of your new and current complexes. Your body corporate will help you arrange lift lock-outs, notify other residents of the disruption, protect their lifts from damage and book a time for you to use service and basement elevators. Booking your move dates with your building manager is a major piece of moving to an apartment. It’s best to get it done early to make sure your big moving day goes smoothly! 2. Research Moving Companies Your next task is to find a removalist with a good reputation and reasonable pricing. Unfortunately, it’s common for large items like furniture to collect small blemishes when you’re moving, but a good moving company will protect your belongings. Best practice is to get written estimates from multiple companies so you can find the best pricing available. To ensure your estimate is accurate, it’s a good idea to invite the movers to your apartment so they can see exactly what they’ll need to move. Once you’ve got your estimates, book them for your moving day to ensure you can be out of your old apartment on time. 3. Donate Anything You Can Live Without Moving to a new apartment is a major process, and the fewer possessions you have to transfer from one place to the next, the easier it becomes. That’s not to say you need to get rid of the things you love! But take an inventory of your belongings and figure out if there is anything you can live without. After all, there’s no sense in bringing a large piece of furniture to your new property if it won’t fit or never gets used. Give yourself plenty of time to sell or donate anything that won’t be coming to your new apartment. While you’re at it, sort through your personal belongings. Things like excess clothes and electronics can all be donated to your favourite charity. The less boxes of stuff you need to pack, move and then unpack, the easier the whole process gets. 4. Start Packing Non-Essential Items Packing is a marathon, not a sprint, but you definitely need to be done before the moving company arrives. In the weeks leading up to your move, you should begin putting your non-essentials into labelled boxes. That means things like excess linen, clothes that are in deep storage and kitchen items that only see occasional use can all be packed away now. The more things you pack now, the less you’ll have to worry about as your moving date gets closer. 5. Transfer Utilities, Insurance and Deliveries Speak to companies like your internet provider and give them your new address and notice of when you’re moving. It’s a good idea to give your insurance and utilities providers a few weeks’ notice of the move so they can make the appropriate arrangements. Ask your utility company to turn off your old services one day after you move out, and ask them to turn on your new services one day before you move in. For any companies that don’t let you update your address directly, you can apply on the Australia Post website to temporarily redirect mail from your old address to the new one. 6. Pack Your Essential Items Final step! In the week or two before the big move, it’s time to gradually pack high-use items like clothes and kitchen equipment. Set aside a suitcase or travel bag each with clothes, toiletries and other essentials for a few days, and then get everything else into clearly labelled boxes. These are the boxes you’ll want to open first after the move, so move them in your own car or keep track of what the movers do with them. Now’s also the time to do your final cleaning of the apartment and get it ready for the next occupant. If you’re arranging a cleaning service, book them for the day after your move so they can get to every nook and cranny. Thinking About Moving to a New Apartment? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! Before you start planning your move you’ll need to find a new apartment to live in! Amazing Apartments is Brisbane’s apartment specialist. We work with buyers and sellers all over Brisbane, helping match them with their ideal properties. As part of our process, our team sits down with you to find out more about what you want from your new apartment. Spending that extra time means we can truly match you to a suburb and apartment that has all the liveability and lifestyle features you want! Speak to our team today for more information on our process or if you’d like to explore our current listings.

Apr 12, 2022

Operating an Office From Your Apartment

Late in 2021, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that about 40% of the population had taken up working from home. Although COVID restrictions have eased since then, lots of people are still spending at least a few days working from home. If you’ve been enjoying time away from the office and are thinking about launching a business of your own, running it from your apartment can be both convenient and cost-effective. But, before you go ordering your business cards, you need to make sure it’s legal to operate an office from your apartment. Can You Run a Business From an Apartment? Australia is a nation that runs on the strength of its small businesses. About 1.5 million people around the country are registered as sole traders. If you’re thinking about joining their ranks, working out of your apartment is a good way to cut costs and take advantage of flexible work via the internet. In Brisbane, it’s generally legal to run a small office-based business from your own property. Some small businesses will require planning approval to be run from an apartment. Approval is usually only needed for the types of businesses with the potential to disturb your neighbours, create noise or increase traffic in the building. If you’re a sole trader or partnership doing office work, you probably won’t need to seek permission to run your business from an apartment. If you’re unsure, you can contact Brisbane City Council and speak to a Town Planner for advice. Can My Tenants Run a Business From Their Apartment? If you’re a property investor who owns an apartment, the same planning rules apply to your tenants as they would to you. However, as the landlord, you have a say over whether tenants are allowed to operate a business from the property. In fact, it’s common for rental agreements to prohibit tenants from running small businesses. Apartments that are used to run small businesses might be unharmed by the activity. But, if your tenant hires other employees or regularly has clients visiting the property, it could disturb the neighbours and increase wear and tear on the apartment. With work from home arrangements on the rise, it might be a good idea to consider allowing tenants to run their business as long as they seek your permission first. Asking tenants to apply with you gives you notice of what their business does, how busy it might be and whether it will create problems for the neighbours or body corporate. Claiming Tax Deductions on Rent and Mortgage Expenses Home-based business owners in Australia may be entitled to claim tax deductions on some of their expenses. Tax-deductible expenses for small businesses include: Rent, interest on your mortgage, council rates, taxes and home insurance Operating expenses such as electricity, internet, phones, furnishings and the depreciation of equipment Travel between home and other locations for business purposes Not only does running a business from your apartment save you money, you may be able to claim rent and mortgage interest repayments as tax deductions. That’s a huge bonus for small businesses and it makes home-based offices an enticing offer for many. Speak to Your Body Corporate or Landlord While it’s usually legal to run a small business from an apartment in Brisbane, you should always speak to your body corporate or landlord first. Many landlords and body corporates allow small businesses as long as the occupant lodges an application. That application will usually include the details of the business and whether it will generate any traffic in the building. When applying with your body corporate to run a small business, remember that their first priority is keeping the building safe, secure and in good repair for the benefit of all tenants. Businesses that generate lots of foot traffic or disturb neighbours aren’t in the best interest of tenants, and you may be asked to find somewhere else to work. Thinking About Selling or Investing in an Apartment? Amazing Apartments are Brisbane’s Experts! If you’re ready to launch your own business and work from home, apartment living could be the solution you’re after! Brisbane’s inner suburbs play host to some of the city’s most spectacular real estate. Whether you’re investing, selling or buying for yourself, choosing an apartment means you’ll have access to tonnes of lifestyle opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else. To get into your new apartment sooner, get in touch with the Amazing Apartments team today! We’re dedicated apartment specialists. We take the time to get to know every one of our buyers and sellers so that we can match you to an apartment that suits your personal and business needs! Speak to us today about our properties or for more information on our process.

Apr 4, 2022

Average Rent Across Australia: How Does Brisbane Compare?

Australia is a country that thrives on the strength of its property market. People all over the country invest in real estate as one of the most secure long-term financial decisions. We have the confidence to do that because the Australian rental market continues to see strong growth and returns, especially with the upward trend in rent that we’ve seen over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have touched every corner of our lives, and rents are no exception. Research from CoreLogic shows that the national rental index increased by 1.9% during the final quarter of 2021. That contributed to the 9.44% annual growth rate, the highest since January 2007. Growth is good news for investors, but where does it leave renters? We want to take a look at apartments across the country and see whether Brisbane can hold its spot as one of Australia’s most affordable rental markets. 1. Canberra – $520 per week Once again Canberra tops the list of Australia’s most expensive cities for rental prices. The average apartment in the country’s capital city is now being rented out for a whopping $520 per week. 2. Sydney – $485 per week Australia’s largest city is notorious for its soaring property prices, so it’s probably no surprise to see it at number two on this list. Sydney renters pay an average of $485 per week for their apartments. 3. Darwin – $470 per week In 2021, Darwin recorded the country’s strongest annual rental growth, achieving a staggering 15.2% increase! That growth cooled a bit at the end of 2021, but Darwin’s apartment market still sees renters paying an average of $470 per week. 4. Brisbane – $410 per week Here we are at number four on the list! The River City has seen fantastic growth in rentals over the past few years, with apartments now fetching an average of $410 per week. Part of that growth comes from changes in renter demands. With most of us spending more time living and working around the house, renters are on the hunt for larger apartments with more space – and they’re willing to pay for the upgrade. This recent growth comes on the heels of strong performance over the past few years. A 2019 report showed that rents in Brisbane’s apartment market had jumped by 23% from 2014, making apartments some of the strongest performing investments in the city. 5. Hobart – $400 per week Rents in Hobart tumbled at the start of COVID-19, but the city has seen a major recovery with apartment rents hitting record highs. The average apartment is now rented out for $400 per week, with researchers from CoreLogic attributing the growth to the return of domestic travel and tourism. 6. Perth – $380 per week Perth has been one of the strongest growing markets during the pandemic, with rents jumping up 16.7% during 2021. Even with the growth, the city’s apartments sit at a comfortable $380 per week in rental fees. 7. Melbourne – $370 per week In a bit of a twist, one of the country’s most expensive real estate markets comes in as the second most affordable city for apartment rentals. Paying just $370 per week for apartments in and around the city, Melbourne renters are still benefiting from the fall in rents that happened at the end of 2019. 8. Adelaide – $350 per week Despite growth across the country, Adelaide remains Australia’s most affordable city for renters. At an average of just $350 per week for apartments, Adelaide’s rental scene still offers some of the best value for tenants. Getting Ready to Invest in Brisbane’s Apartment Market? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! Brisbane is a city that’s on the move. Increasing property prices down south are seeing lots of Australians take up residence in the River City. That growth has made the properties in our inner suburbs some of the most attractive real estate in the country! With loads of lifestyle in easy reach and affordable price points, apartment living is attracting more buyers and renters than ever before. If you’re interested in getting into your own Brisbane apartment then the Amazing Apartments team would love to help! We’re dedicated apartment experts with decades of experience to our name. Our personalised approach to real estate means we always match our buyers to the apartment that’s best for their lifestyle. If you’re interested in selling your current apartment or want to look for a new one, feel free to get in touch with us at any time!

Mar 17, 2022

Benefits Of Smart Locks For Your Apartment

Technology has slowly become a normal part of our lives, and it’s already becoming an ordinary part of apartment living too. Smart home devices are now commonplace, and smart locks are a popular choice for apartment owners looking to increase their security, attract tenants and outdo would-be thieves. Smart locks are the perfect solution for apartment living. Owners can quickly and securely lock their doors or share access with other people when they need to. Installing smart locks around your apartment is an investment, but if you do your research and choose the right product, you can unlock a world of apartment-living benefits. Track Who Comes and Goes with PIN Codes Most smart locks come with at least two ways to open them. That usually includes a paired app on your smartphone and a PIN system. That means you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again! Simply tap a button on your phone or type your PIN into the door and it’ll unlock on command. That’s simple enough, but using PIN entry means smart locks can be loaded with other features like the ability to quickly set and reset multiple entry codes. Being able to set and issue PINs means you can keep track of who comes and goes throughout the day. You’ll also never need to give out your main PIN if you want to do something like asking a neighbour to look after your apartment while you’re on holiday. Wireless Access Some smart locks come with the added benefit of being connected to your wifi. That means you can access them through the internet from anywhere in the world! You can check the status of the lock, see who has used the door, and even do things like remotely locking and unlocking your apartment. This is an excellent feature if you ever need to do something like give temporary access to a neighbour, real estate agent, tradesperson or building manager. Smart Safety Alerts Apartment buildings are often quite secure, with tenants typically only having access to their floor and the common areas. But, for those who want some added peace of mind, smart locks come with safety alert features. Your lock can contact you via text, email or phone notification to let you know when someone has tried and failed to access your apartment. The use of a smart lock also means there won’t be any master keys that have access to your apartment. Instead, if you ever need to give access to your building manager or a tradesperson, you can give them a unique PIN or authorise their entry remotely. Smart Locks Are Ideal For Investment Properties Brisbane’s apartment market is perfect for property investors and renters alike. Apartments around the city come in a range of shapes and sizes, suitable for everyone from single occupants to large families. If you own an investment apartment then you can bypass security concerns with a smart lock. Most smart locks allow you to set and change the PINs that open and close the apartment. So, when it comes time for your tenants to move on, there’s no need to worry about collecting the keys and hoping they haven’t made any copies, you can simply reset the codes. Although smart locks often cost a bit upfront, never having to copy keys or change your locks again can be a huge cost-saver in the long run. Looking at Buying An Apartment in Brisbane? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! Brisbane’s residents are turning to apartment living as a great way to unlock more of the lifestyle features they want in a property. If you’re ready to sell your current apartment or are on the hunt for a new one, the team at Amazing Apartments is ready to help! We’re apartment specialists with decades of property experience. We take the time to get to know our buyers and sellers so that we can match them to the apartment that best suits their lifestyle. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to know more about our process!

Feb 25, 2022

Most Expensive Apartments Ever Sold

Apartment living has always had an aspirational appeal. The idea of waking up to views of the Brisbane river and living within walking distance of the city’s best restaurants is something most people dream of. Brisbane’s apartment market offers all of those things at extremely affordable prices. First home buyers, retirees and downsizing families are all making the shift towards inner-suburbs apartment living for the convenience and lifestyle on offer. But, there’s no harm in looking at the other end of the scale. Apartments tend to be built in large cities, most of which don’t have Brisbane’s affordability. Cities like New York, Dubai and London are home to some of the world’s most luxurious apartments, and we’re going to take a tour of the 5 most expensive apartments ever sold. 5. One57 Penthouse, New York – $137 million At the top of Park Hyatt, overlooking Manhattan’s Central Park, the penthouse at One57 is world-class. Sitting at the top of the 90-storey building, the penthouse sold in 2015 for $137 million. Taking up two floors of the 300-metre tall building, the penthouse features 1,022m² of living space. Six bedrooms, a sauna, a library and a private theatre are just some of the homely touches that your money will get you, but if you want to venture out of your apartment, penthouse residents can also use private amenities like a pool, gym, library and theatre. 4. One Sydney Harbour Penthouse, Sydney – $140 million Where would a list of the world’s most expensive real estate be without a mention of Sydney! Selling in 2021 for a cool $140 million, the One Sydney Harbour penthouse lives in a three-tower development by famed architect Renzo Piano. No expense was spared on the Sydney penthouse, featuring 1,600m² of living space (the average Australian home is about 186m², if you’re wondering) across nine bedrooms and three storeys, with the master suite being bigger than some of Sydney’s homes. If the indoor living spaces don’t do it for you, you can stroll out onto your private rooftop deck to take a dip in the pool and soak in spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera house and the Blue Mountains. 3. Ritz-Carlton Penthouse, New York – $163 million Located in the Ritz-Carlton at the southern tip of Manhattan, this penthouse is actually three apartments combined to become Manhattan’s most expensive piece of real estate. Selling for $163 million in 2014, this penthouse boasts two storeys and 1,400m² of indoor living, plus an extra 185m² of outdoor terraces. The three apartments that make up the residence account for the two top floors of the building, and they have a combined 12 bedrooms where the occupants can make themselves at home. Standing on the 40th floor, overlooking the city, you could be forgiven for stopping to admire the views of the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building, all just a stone’s throw away from this $163 million New York penthouse. 2. One Hyde Park, London – $237 million One Hyde Park is one of the world’s most expensive apartment complexes, so it’s no surprise that Penthouse D was able to sell for $237 million in 2014. While Penthouse D only offers about 750m² of living space, One Hyde Park is a complex that doesn’t skimp on amenities. Living in the complex, residents can make use of the private wine cellar, golf simulator, cinema, spa, swimming pool, sauna, squash court and gym. If doing things yourself is too much work, then One Hyde Park also has 24-hour access to the staff of the neighbouring Mandarin Hotel, who are available to help residents with gourmet food and drinks, room service and concierge services. Oh, and the whole complex is guarded by dedicated security staff, hand-trained by members of the British SAS. 1. Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco – $440 million Selling in 2016 for $440 million, the penthouse of Tour Odéon in Monaco is the world’s most expensive apartment. That price should come as no surprise, considering that Monaco is the world’s second-wealthiest country and about one-third of its residents are millionaires. The 5-storey penthouse crowns the skyscraper, featuring 3,500m² of living space which includes a kitchen on every floor, rooftop deck, library, cinema and an infinity pool. Oh, and there’s also a water slide that begins on the dance floor and takes you directly to the swimming pool. Interested in Upgrading Your Lifestyle? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! Even if you aren’t in the market for a hundred million dollar apartment, the Amazing Apartments team can help. Our team has more than three decades of experience in the apartment industry, and we take the time to get to know every apartment seller and buyer we work with. Talk to us about what you want in an apartment, and we can find a property that matches your needs and budget! Contact us today for more information or to talk about the properties we currently have available.