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Oct 17, 2021

Luxury Downsizing: What is it?

Living in an apartment within the city definitely has its perks. Living so close to so much means you have a plethora of opportunities at your doorstep. Five-star restaurants, amazing entertainment and trendy nightclubs, all within walking distance. Sometimes you may feel you need to downsize, but do you really want to lose that sense of luxury you feel in your current environment? This is where Luxury Downsizing works a treat. First off, What is Luxury Downsizing? Luxury downsizing is basically simplifying your home so you have more time to spend on the things you enjoy in life. It means living with less, but keeping the luxury you have come to enjoy. For the longest time, it was seen as empty-nesters keeping that sense of luxury they had worked years to achieve while reducing the amount of space needed. But recently, it has also become a great option for young couples and families to not only maximise their lifestyle with a few luxurious items and smart design solutions but also create a highly functional home. How does one downsize while keeping that sense of luxury? When you luxury downsize, you need to make sure that you are maximising the function of the space while maintaining that sense of prestige that you love. One quick and simple way is to purchase multi-functional furniture and custom built-ins to increase the storage space. You could also: Design the rooms of the apartment for multiple purposes – This might seem like a challenge, but in reality, it can be quite straightforward. Say you have a guest room that you want to keep but you only have visitors a handful of times a year. Why not double it as an office or a reading room? Place some nice leather chairs and a mahogany coffee table to keep it both luxurious and useful. Be smart with the storage you have – Make sure you completely utilise the storage you have and meticulously place each item so that more can be stored away. But still, try to maintain a minimalistic mind frame. The point of luxury downsizing is to rid yourself of the things that you don’t use or need, not just store them away. Redecorate with luxurious items – It wouldn’t be luxurious downsizing if you didn’t have those luxurious items scattered across the apartment. Once you have parted ways with the items you no longer need or want, splurge a little and buy some things that give you that feeling of prestige. If you already have these items, place them in prominent places so that you can enjoy them on a daily basis. But what should I part ways with? This can be a difficult process, depending on what you might have to part ways with. Obviously, family items and mementos will most likely stay, but after that, employ the six-month rule. The six-month rule is essentially discarding an item you haven’t used in six months or more. Have some kitchen items you barely ever use? Toss them. A second or third TV that is taking up space? Sell it on Facebook Marketplace. Basically, if you don’t use it regularly or it doesn’t have some special meaning behind it, you should discard it. Looking at downsizing permanently? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! Sometimes, you need a fresh change that requires more than just downsizing the items you have in the household. Sometimes you need to downsize your home completely. This is where Amazing Apartments comes in. Our team of expert apartment real estate agents can help you not only sell your current apartment but also find your next one. Contact us today and we can talk you through the next steps.

Sep 10, 2021

Young & Ready For That Next Step? Tips For Buying Your First City Apartment

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing your first city apartment, especially when you are young and ready to take that next step in life. But like most things in life, it’s a process. Most people are unable to just decide one day that they will buy their first city apartment. There are logical steps that need to be taken, and Amazing Apartments talks you through some of those steps. Proper Finance is a Must! The last thing you want to do is stretch yourself beyond your means. Yes, having a luxurious apartment can be tempting when you’re young, but is it worth having all the extras that come with such an apartment if you are eating 2-minute noodles every night. Make sure that the repayments on the apartment are manageable, but if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that things can change at the drop of a hat. Decide if it is going to be an investment or a forever home The first apartment most young people buy are not their forever homes, but for some, it is. That is why you need to decide from the get-go if this apartment is something that will be sold in a few years or if you can see yourself living there until you are old and grey. If it is an apartment that you decide to part ways in within a few years, the size and the location of the apartment are things you need to consider. Is the apartment big enough to entice a hefty resale price when the time comes? Because let’s face it, a small apartment the size of a shoebox most likely won’t get you the price you want for a city apartment. Also, where is the apartment building located? Is it close to the centre of the city or on the outskirts with panoramic views? In real estate, location is everything. Properly Inspect the Property When you are going to look at your potential first apartment, the excitement of it all can draw your attention away from doing what you are actually there to do; inspect the apartment. Look carefully for anything that seems cracked, broken or out of the ordinary and discuss with the real estate agent the history of the apartment. When was it built? Has there been any remodelling done? Who was the previous owner? All of these questions can give you a sense of the overall history and condition of the apartment. It is also imperative that before the apartment has officially changed hands that you have it independently inspected by a professional who can ensure that the apartment you are purchasing has no hidden defects. Know Your Potential Neighbours Sometimes it might be warranted to get to know some people in the building if you can. You might pass people in the hallways when you are going to an inspection, so have a chat and see what they are like. Most people who live in city apartments know the ins and outs of everything that happens in the apartment building, and you might get some insider information that could enlighten you to what may come when you move in. Understand the ongoing costs Most apartment buildings have extra ongoing costs that assist with ensuring that the upkeep of the building itself is maintained. The body corporate and strata fees make sure that personnel maintain the building and they make sure that it is clean and operational at all times. When you are working out your repayments, ensure to include these costs. Looking to purchase your first city apartment? Contact Amazing Apartments today! Have you decided it is time to take the leap of buying your first city apartment? The team at Amazing Apartments are experts in apartment real estate and can help you find the perfect apartment for you. Contact Us Today!

Aug 25, 2021

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Attending An Open Home

Starting the search for your dream apartment is an exciting adventure, as the process allows you to narrow down your priorities and tighten your checklist. Attending an array of open home inspections is a major stepping stone to finding your ideal place, as they allow you to get a physical feel for the space and a glimpse into the possibilities for styling each room to suit your lifestyle. When visiting a property inspection, there are a number of unspoken rules you should follow to ensure your open home etiquette is up to par. Below, we outline four things on the ‘don’t’ list to avoid at your next inspection. 1. Enter with dirty shoes Before you even walk through the inviting doors of an open home, ensure you ask the real estate agent whether they would prefer it if you removed your shoes to avoid trailing dirt throughout the house. If the agent isn’t present at the door when you arrive, check to see whether there are sets of shoes lined up outside to get an indication. If you are permitted to wear shoes, wipe them on the doormat and check the soles to ensure they won’t drag debris across the floorboards or carpets. Once you’re confident in your cleanliness, it’s time to check out your potential future apartment! 2. Use the toilets Bathrooms are a major drawcard of buying a new apartment, and it’s important to get a feel for the dimensions, check for leaks and squeaks with the tapware and inspect the quality of the surfaces. Once you’ve ticked off this checklist, that’s when your time exploring the bathroom in an open or display home should come to an end. The bottom line? Nature may call but answer the call somewhere else. 3. Take selfies for the gram Sometimes you need to take photographs of certain aspects of a room at an open home to remember specific details or take note of proportions. But it’s important you avoid capturing any personal belongings such as family photographs in your images, or devices that relate to the security of the house. Generally, the real estate agent needs to get permission from the homeowners before allowing photographs. If you do snap a few pics, keep them in your camera roll. It is very rare for extra photographs to be required when viewing our apartments for sale as we provide comprehensive imaging, 3D tours and walk through videos online for your future reference. 4. Snoop through personal items When you’re at an open home, it’s understandable that you’ll need to open various kitchen drawers, linen cupboards, bedroom closets and bathroom cabinets to get an idea of the storage space and the quality of these fixtures. However, you need to be careful not to cross the line and start snooping on the current homeowners’ personal belongings. If you come across a closed door, ask the real estate agent if it’s okay to enter before you open it, and don’t poke around the liquor cabinet or dresser drawers in the bedroom. Looking to Sell? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! Looking to sell and need a hand prepping an open home for your apartment? The team at Amazing Apartments are experts in apartment real estate and are skilled in improving open home inspections. Contact the team today at (07) 3157 5836.

Aug 25, 2021

5 Stylish Ways To Decorate A White Wall

Crisp white walls are an enduring staple in every interior designer’s diet. As the neutral shade is the perfect blank canvas to build any interior style upon, timeless white walls are guaranteed to increase the value of your home. But how can you create interest in your décor if your apartment is dressed in white? Here, we explore an array of simple decorating ideas to create stylish interior walls and take your apartment from simple to stunning. Striking Artwork Artwork has the power to completely adjust the mood of a room, as the colour palette, size and context can influence the surrounding features and become a strong focal point. No matter what pieces you select, everything from paper posters to framed prints and canvas paintings will break up the stretch of white space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with a gallery wall by pairing an assortment of portrait and landscape pieces; just ensure you create a cohesive look by using the same frames, sticking to a distinct palette or choosing a consistent theme. Cosy Curtains If your white walls frame windows, hang curtains in contrasting colours to complement your interior scheme – such as navy blue for Hamptons style or blush pink for a contemporary theme. The drawcard of curtains? The vertical dash of colour draws the eye up along the white walls while creating an illusion of height in smaller apartments. Floating Shelves Attaching horizontal shelves to neutral walls is a clean, minimalist way to create a space to display your books, plants, photographs and other personal items. Floating shelves are a straightforward DIY project that can instantly elevate the look of your walls, and bring colour and personality to a room depending on the pieces you choose to display. Charming Sconces Wall sconces literally light up a room. Check out trusted lighting brands like Beacon Lighting or The Montauk Lighting Co for inspiration and lights to brighten up your white walls. Both boast a range of decorative wall sconces that can add character to your room through their combination of unique textures and alluring metals. In the living room, install them on either side of a couch; for the bedroom, try above the bedside table. Mirror Mirage Q: Mirror mirror on the wall, whose walls are the fairest of them all? A: YOURS, of course, if you follow our five decorating ideas. Whether you opt for an ornate gilded mirror that exudes grandeur or a clean-cut unframed mirror, they’re an excellent option for creating the mirage of more space in your apartment while adding interest to plain white walls. Looking to Sell? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! If your apartment boasts white walls and you’re looking to sell, the expert team at Amazing Apartments can help style them to add value to your home. Get in touch with us today at 07 3157 5836.

Aug 25, 2021

Studio Apartments: Making The Most Out Of The Space You Have

Studio Apartments have their pros and cons. On one hand, most are cheap and affordable. On the other hand, they are definitely lacking in space and privacy. But it is still possible to turn the space you have into something special. Something you can call home. Below are some neat tricks to ensure you are making the most out of the space you have. First Off, What Is A Studio Apartment? A studio apartment is basically a minimalist’s dream. Also known as a self-contained apartment, a studio apartment is a small apartment where most of the normal functional rooms in an apartment, such as the bedroom and kitchen, are merged into one. Essentially, think of it as a larger-than-normal hotel room, so making the most of the space is imperative. Convert Your Storage One of the easiest ways to give yourself more space in a studio apartment is to convert your storage, or making sure your storage units can be used for multiple purposes. Having storage used as a dresser, nightstand or tv cabinet is just some of the quick and easy ways to maximise your space. MIRROR Your Space The thing about studio apartments is that depending on what direction the apartment is facing, not a lot of natural light can get in at times. This is where mirrors can come in handy. Mirrors help bounce the natural light around the apartment, creating depth and making the space seem larger than it actually is. Keep Clutter To A Minimum Clutter is one thing that can turn a nice, open space into a game of leapfrog. Having to continuously jump over things that are sprawled across the floor can not only become extremely annoying but can also make your space seem a lot smaller. Ensuring everything has a place and that clutter is kept to a minimum is a sure-fire way to make your open plan living just that; open. Ensure Your Furniture Is Parked Having furniture sitting in the middle of your living room is a pretty standard thing in today’s world. Unless you live in a studio apartment. If your furniture is scattered throughout your apartment, then there is a good chance that you may feel a little like a rat in a maze. Strategically placing your furniture on the outskirts of the apartment can help maintain the free-flowing feel a studio apartment offers. It’s OK To Be Divided If you don’t live alone, a studio apartment can cause a few headaches; mainly when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Most people like that type of privacy and a divider can definitely help with that, but make sure it too isn’t planted in the middle of the apartment. The corner of the studio is fine. Ensure It is Light & Bright It is well established that white walls can make a space feel bigger. Add to that large windows that allow in as much natural light as you can muster, and suddenly your studio apartment feels like you are living in a three-bedroom apartment penthouse (well, to a degree). Looking To Sell or Buy A Studio Apartment? Contact Us Today! Looking for a change? It could be moving into your first studio apartment or upgrading with some with a little more space. Whatever it is, Amazing Apartments can help. Contact us today and one of our expert real estate agents can get you started on that next phase of your life.

Jul 1, 2021

Top Apartment Building Amenities

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing more luxurious than walking out of your private apartment and straight into a nice, heated pool to soak and unwind. For the gym junkies out there, there’s nothing more convenient than tying up your sneakers, grabbing your water bottle and travelling just a few floors down to a fully equipped gym within your own apartment building. There’s a range of amenities within an apartment building that are stock standard and to be expected, such as a secure car park. But for people who prefer the finer things in life, there’s also an array of amenities that cater to lifestyle needs you didn’t realise you had. Below are some of the standard, and not-so-standard, amenities that apartment buildings tend to offer. The Standard Secure Car Parking This is pretty much a given for most apartment buildings. Having a nice, secure garage to park your car in should be the first and most basic amenity on your list of must-haves. Rooftop Entertaining Area Most apartment buildings have a rooftop area created for entertaining. This can look like a welcoming little garden to enjoy a glass of wine or two, or even a barbeque area for you to host a delicious lunch with your friends or family. Depending on the building itself, it may even have a rooftop pool to cool off in balmy Summer months. Gym Access Again, a gym within an apartment building is not uncommon. In this day and age, fitness is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. Whether it be burning some calories on a treadmill or throwing around some iron, there is generally something for everyone in an apartment building gym. And if you are lucky enough, sometimes there is even a commercial gym attached to your apartment building. The Unique Games Room and Lounge Some apartment buildings include amenities that motivate their residents to move beyond their private apartments and congregate with each other. For this reason, there are some buildings that have a built-in games room and lounge area. You can play a game of pool with your neighbour, or just read a good book in a communal area. Sporting Area If you have an active lifestyle, you should consider choosing an apartment building that includes a sporting area for residents. It could be as little as a basketball hoop on some concrete or could go one step further and have a whole tennis court. There is even an apartment building in Manhattan that has its own skatepark! Again, this all depends on how luxurious the apartment building is. Pet Washing Stations Generally, those that live in an apartment and own a pet treat their pet as their child. So it would make sense for apartment buildings to cater to these residents. For this reason, some apartment complexes have pet washing stations, completely fitted out with clippers and hair dryers, ensuring your beloved pet gets the pamper treatment regularly. The Outrageous Private Spa The running theme with the following amenities is that they tend to appeal to the wealthy. So having a private spa within the apartment building definitely seems to fit perfectly. Who wouldn’t like to kick back and relax with a hot stone massage after a long day at the office? Virtual Golf Simulator Golfing is definitely a favourite pastime of many people, but those that can afford the finer things in life tend to spend more time on the golf course. That is why some of the high-end apartment complexes install virtual golf simulators, making sure that they are appealing to their wealthy clientele. Private Restaurant for Residents This amenity is a bit rarer than others, but there are still some apartment buildings across the globe that offer a private 5-star restaurant to their residents. Overlooking Central Park in New York City, residents of 220 Central Park South have the option of dining at a private restaurant which is run by celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The Absolutely Ridiculous Private Jet, IMAX Theatre, Bowling Alley These amenities are for the one-percenters. Those that can not only afford to splurge but can do so while driving around in one of three Bugatti’s they own. The Tribeca Building in New York offers residents access to a private jet for as little as $125,000 for 25 hours. While in Manhattan Square, residents of the Extell building have access to a full 70-seat IMAX theatre with all the newest releases as well as a fully fitted bowling alley. Looking to sell your apartment? Your amenities might be the tipping point Are you looking to sell your apartment, but struggling to get that sold sticker? Highlight your building’s amenities! At Amazing Apartments, we understand the benefits of apartment building amenities. We know that having a gym or a heated pool can be a major selling point to buyers. Contact Us today and we can discuss the best course of action for you.

May 18, 2021

The Best Things About Living In Brisbane City

Brisbane is the fastest-growing metropolitan city in Australia and Brisbane City is quickly becoming a hot spot for an array of activities that are available to those who call it home. From grabbing a beer at one of the many trendy breweries to getting in your steps along the beautiful river walk, the CBD captures all that is great about Brisbane and why so many chose to make the move north in 2020. To live in Brisbane City is not only convenient, but it is also still one of the most affordable CBD locations in Australia to purchase an apartment. We have compiled some of the best attractions in Brisbane CBD for residents to take advantage of. Explore your inner Foodies Brisbane CBD caters for everyone. From Michelin Star chef experiences like Vine in New Farm to a smorgasbord of restaurants and cuisines available in one spot at Howard Smith Wharves, you are bound to find something new you can try every time you eat out. If a quick bite is all you are after then you cannot go past Vintaged Bar + Grill in Wintergarden. If it’s a fun dinner with friends, look no further than Kabuki Teppanyaki. Looking to a restaurant for an intimate date night? Then Montrachet in Bowen Hills will be sure to impress. There really is something for everyone. Be Entertained Whatever your preference, Brisbane City’s entertainment offering has it all. If you are a fan of live music, the Brooklyn Standard and Riverstage host both national and international bands regularly. Sports Fan? No problem; Brisbane City has that covered too. Suncorp Stadium is just a 20-minute walk and a short 5-minute bus ride will find you at the Gabba. Looking for a more cultural experience? Straight across the river in Southbank is QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre), which hosts world-renowned dance, theatre and musical performances. Get Crafty Brisbane City and its surroundings are quickly attracting some of Australia’s leading Micro Breweries. The best part is you can walk or scoot between most of them. Starting at Teneriffe at The Green Beacon, you can then wind your way into Felon’s at Howard Smith Wharves and continue down the river ending in West End at Brisbane Brewing Co. If Craft Beer is your thing, Brisbane City is definitely the place to find your new favourites and local haunt. Take a Breath Prefer to pop in your headphones and get some fresh air? Brisbane City has some great walking or running tracks. The Riverwalk winds from Breakfast Creek to Southbank or you can jump in the car and drive just a quick 20 minutes to Mount Coot-Tha. Brisbane City residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting in your steps and enjoying the outdoors. Need a change of scenery? Feel like you might be in need of a change of scenery? Why not move to Brisbane City. Being a stone’s throw away from everything you could possibly want is more than just convenient; it’s luxury. Contact us today at Amazing Apartments and we can help you turn that dream into a reality.

May 17, 2021

Ways To Spruce Up Your Apartment

Owning an apartment can be a dream come true for many people. A little piece of real estate that is all their own, can even fill a void they never knew they had. Sometimes, however, the interior can become a little dull and a little change in the décor can be just what is required to bring it back to life and help it reach its full potential. Below are a few ways that you can spruce up your apartment and bring it into the 21st century without breaking the budget. Style your Entryway The entryway is the first impression of the apartment, it sets the tone for the rest of the space. So why not make it look inviting? Think about adding some sculptural hooks for coats and bags, a nice decorative chair and mirror, a decorative shoe rack with an umbrella stand and an accent rug to make the entryway have a lasting first impression. Swap out the Lighting Updating the lighting fixtures can be one of the quickest and cheapest ways to modernize an apartment. Try swapping out those old, outdated overhead lights with some nice, fashionable downlights to create a sleek modern look that are key features in newly built apartment buildings. Add a fresh coat of Paint Over the years, there have been ‘in’ colours when it comes to painting the interior of your apartment. The issue with painting your walls with an original colour is that there is a very good chance that this colour will look extremely outdated in a few years’ time. Walking into an apartment with a purple feature wall that was popular in the 90s is not ideal when it’s 2021. Look at colours that will date well and allow you to interchange the interiors without having to repaint each time. Organise your Space Present your prized possessions in a more attractive and eye-catching way (think ‘The Home Edit’ on Netflix). For example, instead of having those tired old bookshelves housing all your photos and flowers, install some floating shelves. Instead of having a run of mill tv cabinet, install a wall mount to show off your 62-inch flatscreen. Make your books a feature, colour code them or lay them flat as a mount for a candle or small statue. Update the rugs and cushions If you are in the mood to splurge a little on the interior décor, look at acquiring some new floor rugs and couch cushions. Having items like this updated can create a completely new feel for your apartment. Add Greenery to your apartment Adding pots and plants to your apartment is a fantastic way to improve a space instantly. A plant creates a sense of calm while a vase full of fragrant flowers brings with it a smell and pop of colour that can make any room inviting. Looking to sell? A décor update can bring on a quick sale If you are looking to sell your apartment, freshening the look of your apartment can be the difference between selling in a week or a month or even longer. When people are interested in buying an apartment, generally they want to do as little renovations as possible, so ensuring the apartment is looking modern and fresh can definitely help with slapping that sold sticker on the internet. Need help selling your apartment? Are you looking to move on to the next chapter of your life and sell your apartment? The team at Amazing Apartments are specialists in apartment sales and experts when it comes to the Brisbane market and can help you upgrade and move on in a timely manner. Contact Us today and a member of our team can talk you through the next steps.