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Feb 21, 2022

The Benefits Of Purchasing A Mid-Level Apartment

Brisbane’s suburbs are dotted with thousands of apartment buildings. We aren’t just talking about the skyscrapers in the city itself, the surrounding suburbs are filled with mid-rise apartment blocks that offer all the lifestyle without the dizzying heights. It depends on who you ask, but in Queensland, we tend to think of high rise apartment buildings as being anything over 7 storeys. Really though, you can find fantastic apartments in mid-rise buildings that are anywhere between 3 and 10 storeys high. Choosing a mid-level apartment not only gives you access to the best of what the River City has to offer, but it also comes with a few serious benefits that are worth considering. More Owner Occupiers Sharing a common property with other people sometimes comes with a few challenges. High rise apartment buildings often attract investors who are looking to get their hands on low maintenance properties in popular areas. But, mid-rise apartments are slightly different. Their affordability and fantastic locations are major attractors for owner-occupiers, especially first home buyers, downsizers or anyone wanting to avoid living right in the thick of the action. This means mid-rise apartments often have more owner-occupiers and fewer renters. That reduces the number of people who come through the building, helping to maintain good security and the peace and quiet of your apartment. Affordable Strata Fees Living in a high rise building packed with features like pools, cinemas, gyms and a concierge might be a tick in the lifestyle column, but those things are all reflected in the cost of body corporate fees. Paying for the upkeep of common areas is an important part of apartment living, and simpler mid-rise apartments are often more affordable. The difference in body corporate fees could be worth thousands of dollars per year. If you’re unlikely to ever use the common amenities you’re paying for, it’s well worth considering a simpler mid-rise apartment that only has facilities you will actually use. Meet Your Neighbours Smaller apartment buildings have fewer residents, and that translates into a much stronger community spirit. When you only have a few dozen neighbours, you’re likely to take the time to get to know the people you see frequently. The community aspect of mid-rise apartments is a huge drawcard for anyone who likes to know their neighbours, and it means you’ll always have someone nearby if you need a friend to watch over your apartment while you’re away on your next holiday. Enjoy the Peace & Quiet Fewer neighbours help build that strong community, but it also means there will be less foot traffic throughout the building. Modern apartments are well insulated and do a good job of keeping noise contained, but having fewer neighbours will translate into the building being quieter. Plus, there will be less competition if you do ever want to use the apartment’s gym or catch some sun by the pool. Desirability at Resale Time Plenty of Brisbane’s mid-rise apartment buildings is found in the city’s most sought-after suburbs. You don’t need to live in the CBD itself to get the best of what the city has to offer. In fact, a mid-rise apartment in West End or Bulimba would give you all the lifestyle features you’re after without the CBD price tag. That desirability will be reflected when you’re ready to move on to your next apartment. Interested in Apartment Living? Get in Touch With the Amazing Apartments Team! At Amazing Apartments, we specialise in just one thing: matching our customers to their next apartment. Whether you are looking for a mid-rise apartment or the full high rise experience, our extensive network of Brisbane apartments means we can find something you’ll love. Our experienced team will take the time to get to know you and what you’re looking for, then we’ll match you to the properties that have the most to offer. Speak to our team today if you would like to sell your existing apartment or if you are ready to begin hunting for your next one!

Jan 7, 2022

Working From Home? Here Are Some Tips To Create The Perfect Workspace

For those who have been in Australia for the past few years, it should come as no surprise that more and more people have taken up working from home. Businesses originally made the shift to stay open during lockdowns. It helped keep us safe and our economy running, but the change proved popular and many people have made it a more permanent part of their workweek. All in all, two-thirds of Australians are now working from home at least some of the time. If that’s a familiar story, chances are you need to find a dedicated workspace around your apartment that can keep you productive and your work on track. Work with what you have Apartments offer lifestyle in spades, but they sometimes mean you have to get a bit creative when you want to add extra space. Working with the furniture you already have is a good bet, especially if you’re only going to be working at home some of the time. Even a humble dining table or kitchen counter can do the job. You might need to find a few extra cushions to pad the seat for long stretches of work, but it’s a good solution for people with limited space. Upgrade to the right furniture Working from home gets much easier when you’re in a space that’s dedicated to the task. The right chair and desk will be good for your work habits and even better for your posture. Just make sure you pick the right furniture for the job. Figure out which area you want to dedicate to your office furniture and choose a desk that works on the spot. Avoid the temptation to push your desk right up against the wall if you can. Staring at the wall is rather uninspiring, and using your desk as the room’s centrepiece gives the space a sense of purpose and allows more opportunities for decorations that tie in with the rest of your apartment. Repurpose an existing room Working from home offers flexibility that many people love. But for those with families or children, the extra distractions can mean it’s much harder to concentrate and get through the day’s work. If you have enough space then it might be time to repurpose one of the rooms in your apartment and put it to work as your new home office. Remember that this is a space where you will spend a large chunk of your time, so plan and decorate it accordingly. Introduce as much natural light and greenery as you can to keep the space feeling fresh, bring in those helpful organisational tools and don’t forget to prioritise your own comfort! Keep it organised When you’re working with limited space the need to keep your work areas clean becomes more important. Especially for people who need to set up and clear their workspaces away at the end of the day, developing a system for keeping your equipment and papers organised could mean a huge boost to productivity. You’ll need to figure out what works best for you. It could be as simple as clearing out a drawer that can be dedicated to your work supplies, or you might get more use out of a small cart that can be rolled away when you don’t need it. Need an Apartment with Room for a Home Office? At Amazing Apartments, we specialise in helping our customers find apartments that deliver the lifestyle they want. If you’re ready for your next apartment, we can help you find a spot that has all the things you need, including room for your home office. Get in touch with us today if you need help selling your current apartment or finding the next one, we’d love to help!

Jan 7, 2022

The Best Things To Do In Brisbane – The River City

Once upon a time, Brisbane City was a sleepy country town compared to its southern cousins, but times have changed and The River City has expanded substantially. Divided down the middle by the beautiful Brisbane River, Brisbane itself now boasts some of the country’s best food, coffee, shopping, art, festivals, attractions and nightlife. But being split by a river and covering a huge area of land, the best way to see everything Brisbane has to offer is to live in the heart of the action. Brisbane’s inner suburbs are a true hub, the streets lined with restaurants and cafes, the river itself hosting events and festivals on a regular basis, and living nearby is made easier with a large selection of apartments and highrise apartments to choose from. Mount Coot-Tha Lookout We said that Brisbane has grown into a proper city, and the best way to see that for yourself is to ascend Mount Coot-Tha. The lookout at the top rises some 300 metres above sea level, making it Brisbane’s highest point and giving spectators a view of Moreton Bay, Brisbane CBD and of the river that winds its way across the land. The lookout is open during the day and the restaurant and cafe at the top are popular spots for lunch or dinner, but we think the best time to go is at night. Against the darkness of the mountain, the lights of Brisbane City stand out all the more. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary A staple in bushland around Australia, koalas aren’t always easy to spot when they’re hiding in the trees. At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket, you can see and meet more than 100 of the fuzzy little creatures. The world’s first and largest koala sanctuary, Lone Pine was established in 1927 and has offered Australian wildlife experiences ever since. You can get up close and personal with the koalas, but the Sanctuary also hosts kangaroos, sheepdogs and a variety of Australian birds. The centre is a short drive from the city, or you could pair it with a Mirimar River Cruise to take in some of Brisbane’s history and sights from the best seats in the house. Take a Walk Along Brisbane River Attached to Brisbane CBD on the northern banks and to the South Bank precinct on the other side, the Brisbane River is the very centre of the city. No matter which side of the water you pick, walking along the river is one of the best ways to find new restaurants, bars and markets to capture your imagination and taste buds. Our suggestion is to start at Howard Smith Wharves for fantastic fine-dining Greek, Italian or Japanese, and then take a walk along the river to Eagle Street Pier to find some of the city’s best bars and nightclubs. If dressing down is more your style, Eat Street Northshore in Hamilton is one of our must-see attractions. Set up like a food and night market, Eat Street has become a permanent fixture along the river, with vendors rotating frequently and supplying some of the city’s most delectable culinary creations. Brisbane Botanic Gardens Brisbane actually has two Botanic Gardens. The City Botanic Gardens live on the edge of the CBD along the river. It’s a great spot to see some local plants and wildlife, and at any time of the day you can find people walking the paths, or families stretched out on the grassy areas to catch some sun and share a picnic. If you want to venture further afield, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens are tucked into the foothills of Mount Coot-Tha and they make up more than 52 hectares of plants from Australia and all over the world. Crisscrossed with rivers, lakes and walking paths, the Botanic Gardens show off a huge variety of wildlife, and the auditorium hosts events and art shows almost every weekend of the year. Want to Live Among the Action? Get in Touch with the Amazing Apartments Team! At Amazing Apartments, we’re huge fans of all the things Brisbane has to offer, and even as locals we’re always finding fantastic new spots to eat or visit. If that sounds like your kind of lifestyle, then apartment living offers it in abundance. We specialise in helping people sell their apartments and with buying their next ones, so we have all the experience you need to find a Brisbane apartment that comes with access to everything The River City has to offer. Once upon a time, Brisbane City was a sleepy country town compared to its southern cousins, but times have changed and The River City has expanded substantially.

Dec 18, 2021

What Are The Methods Of Sale For A Property?

In Australia, there are four main ways of selling a property. They are private treaties, auctions, tenders and expressions of interest. The two most common are private treaties and auctions with a private treaty being the most popular. Both formats require similar investments in marketing and agent fees. To choose which format best suits your property for it to sell for the maximum price and in good time, you need to consider the following factors: Your type of property The demand for your property Your pricing expectations Your selling timeframe Just like everything else, each format has its pros and cons – or call them cautionary attachments. The list below may assist you in deciding which format to go with. Private Treaty In a private treaty sale, you set the price or price guide and wait for someone to buy. Here are the pros and some cautionary advice on using this option: Pros Most buyers opt for this type of format. Only one interested buyer is needed to get the price you want. You set the final sale price. The negotiation process allows both sides more time to consider terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are flexible hence both can achieve a win-win situation. You can accept a higher offer if it comes in before signing the contract of sale. There is confidentiality on offers, so competing buyers will bid high for fear of missing out. Cautionary Advice The initial pricing might be wrong. Excellent negotiation skills are required from both the seller and the agent hired. Marketing and negotiations are critical. The property should be fully ready for sale before stepping into the market. Auction At an auction, potential buyers bid competitively for your property at a nominated time and the highest bidder wins. Here are the pros and some cautionary advice on using this option: Pros The auction works well for unique homes that are difficult to price. Auctions can create urgency for buyers to act. The bidding process is transparent, and competition drives the price up. You set the auction date, reserve price, settlement date, and other terms and conditions. Your reserve is not disclosed. The sale is not subject to valuation, finance, or inspections. You can sell the property before, during or after the auction process. Cautionary Advice You must aim your home to the correct market to make a sale. A skilled auctioneer is a must and comes at a fee. The sale price is determined by the market and this can go either way, high or low, depending on the demand. A sale is not guaranteed. Statistics show that 60% of auctions do not end in sales. It is not an option for most buyers because the sale is unconditional and there is no cooling-off period. There is no room for negotiations. Time – an auction campaign lasts at least four weeks. There is a risk of weakening your future negotiating position if your property is passed in at auction. If you are still unsure which format to use in selling your property, your agent is the ideal person to guide you in your decision making, particularly if they have a strong track record of selling properties just like yours. Have them provide evidence of their success using the sale format they recommend for your home. Agent Listing EXCLUSIVE AGENT OR OPEN AGENT LISTING? This usually depends on which format of sale you decide on. For auctions, an exclusive agent is the one who usually manages the sale. For a private treaty sale, there is also the option of listing with different real estate agencies, also known as open agent listing. However, it is advisable to choose an exclusive agent to represent you, rather than list your home with multiple agents. The reasons for this are: You save money in your marketing, as you will not be using numerous agents. Your agent will be more invested in selling your property if they have the exclusive right to do so than they would be if multiple agents were competing for the sale. Your marketing message remains consistent since there is only one agent to deal with. It is vital to get an exceptional real estate agent who will insist on exclusivity, so they can effectively manage the marketing of your home, protect your sale price and sell your property in good time. You can have an exclusive agency agreement that grants your agent up to 90 days to find you a buyer. If they fail to do so at this time, you can either renew the agreement – depending on their performance – or list your home elsewhere if you are not satisfied with their services.

Dec 9, 2021

How To Airbnb Your Investment Apartment

Investing in property is one of the best ways to build your wealth and make your money work harder for you. Not only do investment apartments increase in value over time, but rental income streams can also mean your new apartment more than pays for its own upkeep. If you choose to invest in an apartment there’s also another option available to you: Airbnb and holiday hosting sites. Airbnb allows you to list the apartment online and rent it out for short stays, more like a hotel than a rental apartment, and the potential returns are worth investigating. Making an investment work as an Airbnb requires some special planning, so we’re going to cover the things you need to think about when buying an apartment to host online. It’s all about Location, Location, Location You guessed it, and that adage goes double here. Any investment property will only be as good as its location, but if you are planning to rent your apartment to travellers and holiday goers then it needs to be close to the action. Destinations like Brisbane city or Southbank are obvious choices, but there are plenty of attractions south of the river that will appeal to your guests. When you are working out your budget and researching suburbs, don’t forget to take a look at Airbnb itself and see what the local market looks like. If you end up buying in suburbs like Newstead or West End then competition is likely to be stiff and your profit margin may shrink alongside that. The Profitability of Airbnb vs Renting As much as an apartment near the airport could bring in huge profits come holiday season, hosting on Airbnb is often a less reliable source of income than a steady tenant. Whether this is true for you will depend on your specific circumstances, so it’s something each of us needs to carefully consider before making a purchase. Perform research on Airbnb to see what prices the apartments in a suburb are commanding, and compare that to vacancy data and your overhead expenses to see whether there is a profit to be made. In 2020, Airbnb’s in Brisbane had an occupancy rate of 22.4% at the same time as rental properties had a 98% occupancy rate, so you will need to weigh your costs carefully to make sure Airbnb is the right choice for you. Provide Everything Your Guests Need As the host of an Airbnb, you will have to provide all the furnishings and amenities your guests will need. The experience is more like a hotel, so expect to supply kitchen appliances and cookware, as well as things like dinnerware, linen and decor. Your apartment will also need to be fitted out to match the price point and the area. Remember that the apartment is still an investment, and getting the best return from Airbnb will mean catering to your audience. Check out the competition in the area and see how they’re arranging their apartments if you need some inspiration. At a minimum, you’ll want to provide nice furnishings and a few touches of home – like decorations, wall art and pantry basics – so that your guests are comfortable and satisfied with the stay. Map Out Your Entire Budget Because hosting an Airbnb apartment will come with extra expenses, it’s important to get a proper handle on your budget for the project. Choosing a location that’s suitable for Airbnb hosting may also mean you end up looking at apartments that cost more upfront, or at properties that need serious renovation work. Whatever the case, allow for those expenses, as well as the costs of furnishing the apartment, and keep an eye on the rates you will be able to charge when it’s finished. Don’t forget to factor Brisbane’s occupancy rates into your budget and plan your pricing accordingly. It’s also a smart idea to build redundancy into your budget. Don’t rely on the apartment to meet the average occupancy rate all the time, and don’t forget that the increased turnover of tenants will also increase the cost of apartment upkeep. Check With Your Body Corporate Short-term rental arrangements have an impact on the other apartments in your building. Depending on where you live, your body corporate may have created rules that restrict or prevent the use of apartments through services like Airbnb. Speak to the body corporate of a building before you make any investment decisions and find out what you will or won’t be allowed to use your apartment for. Looking for an investment property? Contact Amazing Apartments today! If you’re looking for an apartment to invest in, Amazing Apartments would love to help. We’re apartment specialists and we’d be happy to discuss your options and explore our fantastic property listings. Whether you are looking for an investment or an apartment to move into yourself, our experienced team can help you sell your current apartment and find one for the next stage of your life. Get in touch with us today!

Dec 9, 2021

What To Do If There Is A Power Outage In Your Apartment Building

Brisbane is a city on the move, and a lot of those moves are upwards. All across the region apartment buildings are rising, and if you want to live in inner suburbs like Southbank, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane City or West End, an apartment will feature more of what you’re looking for. Getting access to the best of what the River city has to offer is one of the biggest draws to apartment living, and the other is how low maintenance they are. That’s great news a lot of the time, but during events like power outages, it can add extra steps to getting the problem fixed. 1. Check Your Breaker Box Modern electrical systems and safety switches do a great job of keeping us safe from power surges. But that does mean they’re the most likely cause of a power outage. Before you do anything else you should check the breaker box in your apartment to see if any of the switches have been tripped. It can usually be found hidden in a cupboard or in another service area. If you do find a switch that’s off you can simply turn it back on and go back to what you were doing. If the switch trips repeatedly you should speak to an electrician about a possible fault in your apartment. If all the switches in your breaker box are working properly then the power outage is probably happening in more than just your apartment. 2. Speak to Your Neighbours A quick trip to knock on your neighbour’s door and find out if they’ve also lost power can confirm whether the whole building has been affected. If your neighbours are also in the dark then take a look out a window to see whether the other buildings in the area seem to have power or not. Modern electrical systems are reliable but not foolproof and large-scale power outages do still happen. If your entire neighbourhood has lost power then place a quick call to your power company to make sure they’re aware of the issue. 3. Contact the Building Manager In a large apartment building there will likely be a dedicated manager who handles problems like power outages. In a smaller apartment building, you may need to contact the property manager or the owner for help. Provide any information you have and then it will be up to them to fix the issue or contact an electrician. Supplying power to apartment buildings usually requires high voltage and high capacity equipment, so it’s important that you don’t attempt to fix any building-wide power outages on your own. 4. Turn off Your Appliances To protect your expensive computers and appliances from any surges when the power comes back on, make sure everything is turned off and unplugged from the wall. If any of your safety switches are repeatedly tripping then one of the appliances you have running on that circuit might be the cause. Leaving the switch off, unplug all the appliances on that circuit and then try turning the safety switch back on to restore power to your apartment. Speak to an electrician about any faulty circuits or appliances. Going Apartment Hunting? Get in Touch with Amazing Apartments Today! The team at Amazing Apartments specialise in matching people to the apartments they’ll love. If you’re in the market and need some help selling your existing apartment or finding your next one, we’d love to help. Speak to us today to discuss your next apartment and we’ll take care of the hunting for you.

Nov 4, 2021

How To Fit A Nursery In A One-Bedroom Apartment

The time has come. You are ready to take that next step in your life and are almost about to welcome a child into this world. The only issue is, you don’t have the space. You live in a one-bedroom apartment, that you love mind you, but the need to create a nursery proves that you might not have the room you need for this next chapter in your life. But that is not necessarily true. Here at Amazing Apartments, we have put together some tips for updating the layout of a one-bedroom apartment to create a fully habitable nursery. Spread Out The Stations One of the best ways to maximize the space you have is to spread out the stations or make ‘mini nurseries’ if you will. For example, instead of having the cot and the changing table next to each other, keep the cot in your room and the changing table in the bathroom or laundry. What this does is it doesn’t clutter one area of the apartment and keeps the stations in their appropriate areas (makes sense to have a changing table in a bathroom, doesn’t it!). Walk-in Wardrobe? Convert it! Most one-bedroom apartments have rather large walk-in wardrobes, and most of the time you don’t need all the space it offers. Why not turn this into a little nursery? Depending on the wardrobe itself, a little remodelling might be in order. If your walk-in has shelves and other compartments, it might mean you just need to knock these out to make way for the new bundle of joy. But if your concern is the resale after bubs is a bit older, never fear, it won’t take much effort to make it what it once was. Maximise Your Storage It is imperative to maximise the storage you already have when the new member of the household arrives. Most of the time, our storage compartments are scattered across the apartment and generally placed against a wall or on a floor. Look at hanging storage baskets or floating shelves to best use the space you have. Also, look for multipurpose furniture for when the baby comes. Instead of buying a chest of drawers AND a changing table, buy an all in one, or you can even these days get a cot, changing table and drawers in one big unit! This will save plenty of room. Thinking You Might Need To Upgrade? Contact Amazing Apartments today Sometimes, you just can’t make it work in a one-bedroom apartment, no matter how hard you try. This is where the team at Amazing Apartments comes in. We specialise in apartment upgrades and know exactly what to look for when buying a new home. To add on top of that, we can also help you sell your apartment, making the transition to the next stage in your life that much easier. Contact us today!

Oct 22, 2021

How Much Space Do You Actually Need? Picking The Right Apartment

Do you need space to swing a cat (metaphorically speaking of course)? It’s a personal preference as to how much space you need in your home but it’s one of the most important factors in how you live. While moving can be a daunting task, finding a new place to live can be exciting as it often signals the start of a new chapter in your life. Like a hermit crab, you need to make sure you have the right amount of space to grow into. This article will help guide you on some key factors before you make the big commitment of purchasing or renting your next apartment. What Factors Do You Need To Take Into Account? Space is important because it provides a mix of comfort and safety. Our home is our sanctuary, our bunker where we rest and relax and prepare to take on the world every day. Some of us dream of a large house on an expansive property however, an apartment can provide benefits over a house including affordability, location and lower maintenance. There are many factors to consider when choosing how much space you need in your home. Some of these factors will be obvious to you and others may be a subconscious need that you haven’t necessarily considered yet. The most important things to consider are the lessons you’ve learnt from living in your current home. What do you like and dislike about where you’re living now? Was it too big, too dark, too old? Perhaps you thought about having more storage space, or a bigger bathroom with a bathtub, or maybe it was too big and cleaning was taking too long. Have a wander around your current home and consider your experience living there. Take notes about what you like and dislike about it, what you would leave the same and what you would change, this will help you create a wish list for your next home. Some other things to consider include: Layout Number of bedrooms and bathrooms Ceiling height as well as natural and artificial light Kitchen including appliances Laundry facilities Living and work spaces How Will You Use The Space? Over the course of your life, you will most likely live in a vast array of different styles of homes. Most of us start in our parents’ home and from there our home can vary from university dorm rooms to share houses to a small private home. Everyone has different needs as they get older. Do you or your family members work from home? Then a quiet area away from the family will be important to you. If you entertain often you’ll want a large open entertaining area or balcony to have guests over. Whether or not you like to cook can mean the difference between having a kitchenette with a single hob and a large kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Are you a young single professional who has a busy social life? Perhaps a conveniently situated studio apartment is more than sufficient to give you a place to shower, sleep and store your clothes. Have you got a family, how old are your kids? Little kids need less space but they grow up quickly. Planning for the future can save you another move in a few years time. Some other things to consider include: How many residents and are they children or adults Lifestyle Age Personal needs Indoor v outdoor space Cleaning rituals The bonus room – home offices/workshops/craft rooms/rumpus rooms Consider Your Budget Put together a budget for your living expenses. A little planning here will go a long way in giving you comfort in your financial security once you get settled. Ideally, you want to be spending no more than 30%-40% of your net income on your cost of living. This will include your rent/mortgage repayments as well as utilities, rates, body corporate fees and so on. Be mindful of external factors that could affect your cost of living over time such as interest rates or increases in utility charges. A little wiggle room now will leave you with peace of mind in the long run. Don’t be put off if you feel you may be limited by your budget on various items in your wishlist. Compromises can be made that can give you the benefit of having your cake and eating it too. For example, instead of living in your ideal suburb, you may be able to find an area that’s near enough for less money. Or, perhaps you can forego a separate study by designating a corner of your living room to put a desk. At the end of the day, it’s about comfort and you are the best judge. Speak with your real estate agent about this as they will have years of experience finding the right balance between living requirements and budget. Not Sure What To Look For? Contact Amazing Apartments Today! At Amazing Apartments, we specialise wholly and solely in finding the right apartment for the right person. We have helped thousands of Brisbanites find their dream home. Get in touch with us today on 07 3157 5836 to discuss your ideal apartment and put us to work to help you find it.