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Benefits Of Smart Locks For Your Apartment

Mar 17, 2022

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Technology has slowly become a normal part of our lives, and it’s already becoming an ordinary part of apartment living too. Smart home devices are now commonplace, and smart locks are a popular choice for apartment owners looking to increase their security, attract tenants and outdo would-be thieves. Smart locks are the perfect solution for apartment living. Owners can quickly and securely lock their doors or share access with other people when they need to. Installing smart locks around your apartment is an investment, but if you do your research and choose the right product, you can unlock a world of apartment-living benefits.

Track Who Comes and Goes with PIN Codes

Most smart locks come with at least two ways to open them. That usually includes a paired app on your smartphone and a PIN system. That means you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again! Simply tap a button on your phone or type your PIN into the door and it’ll unlock on command. That’s simple enough, but using PIN entry means smart locks can be loaded with other features like the ability to quickly set and reset multiple entry codes. Being able to set and issue PINs means you can keep track of who comes and goes throughout the day. You’ll also never need to give out your main PIN if you want to do something like asking a neighbour to look after your apartment while you’re on holiday.

Wireless Access

Some smart locks come with the added benefit of being connected to your wifi. That means you can access them through the internet from anywhere in the world! You can check the status of the lock, see who has used the door, and even do things like remotely locking and unlocking your apartment. This is an excellent feature if you ever need to do something like give temporary access to a neighbour, real estate agent, tradesperson or building manager.

Smart Safety Alerts

Apartment buildings are often quite secure, with tenants typically only having access to their floor and the common areas. But, for those who want some added peace of mind, smart locks come with safety alert features. Your lock can contact you via text, email or phone notification to let you know when someone has tried and failed to access your apartment. The use of a smart lock also means there won’t be any master keys that have access to your apartment. Instead, if you ever need to give access to your building manager or a tradesperson, you can give them a unique PIN or authorise their entry remotely.

Smart Locks Are Ideal For Investment Properties

Brisbane’s apartment market is perfect for property investors and renters alike. Apartments around the city come in a range of shapes and sizes, suitable for everyone from single occupants to large families. If you own an investment apartment then you can bypass security concerns with a smart lock. Most smart locks allow you to set and change the PINs that open and close the apartment. So, when it comes time for your tenants to move on, there’s no need to worry about collecting the keys and hoping they haven’t made any copies, you can simply reset the codes. Although smart locks often cost a bit upfront, never having to copy keys or change your locks again can be a huge cost-saver in the long run.

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