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The Moving Checklist Everyone Should Have

May 09, 2022

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Moving to a new apartment is supposed to be an exciting time. But the stress of packing up your belongings and getting them to your new property can be overwhelming. The key to a seamless moving process is to start early and take care of the details well in advance of the actual moving date. To make sure your next move goes off without a hitch, we’ve put together a moving checklist you can work through before your next big move.

1. Coordinate with The Building Manager

Moving into or out of an apartment requires a bit of help from your building management. Once you know your moving dates, you’ll need to speak to the managers of your new and current complexes. Your body corporate will help you arrange lift lock-outs, notify other residents of the disruption, protect their lifts from damage and book a time for you to use service and basement elevators.

Booking your move dates with your building manager is a major piece of moving to an apartment. It’s best to get it done early to make sure your big moving day goes smoothly!

2. Research Moving Companies

Your next task is to find a removalist with a good reputation and reasonable pricing. Unfortunately, it’s common for large items like furniture to collect small blemishes when you’re moving, but a good moving company will protect your belongings. Best practice is to get written estimates from multiple companies so you can find the best pricing available. To ensure your estimate is accurate, it’s a good idea to invite the movers to your apartment so they can see exactly what they’ll need to move.

Once you’ve got your estimates, book them for your moving day to ensure you can be out of your old apartment on time.

3. Donate Anything You Can Live Without

Moving to a new apartment is a major process, and the fewer possessions you have to transfer from one place to the next, the easier it becomes. That’s not to say you need to get rid of the things you love! But take an inventory of your belongings and figure out if there is anything you can live without. After all, there’s no sense in bringing a large piece of furniture to your new property if it won’t fit or never gets used. Give yourself plenty of time to sell or donate anything that won’t be coming to your new apartment.

While you’re at it, sort through your personal belongings. Things like excess clothes and electronics can all be donated to your favourite charity. The less boxes of stuff you need to pack, move and then unpack, the easier the whole process gets.

4. Start Packing Non-Essential Items

Packing is a marathon, not a sprint, but you definitely need to be done before the moving company arrives. In the weeks leading up to your move, you should begin putting your non-essentials into labelled boxes. That means things like excess linen, clothes that are in deep storage and kitchen items that only see occasional use can all be packed away now. The more things you pack now, the less you’ll have to worry about as your moving date gets closer.

5. Transfer Utilities, Insurance and Deliveries

Speak to companies like your internet provider and give them your new address and notice of when you’re moving. It’s a good idea to give your insurance and utilities providers a few weeks’ notice of the move so they can make the appropriate arrangements. Ask your utility company to turn off your old services one day after you move out, and ask them to turn on your new services one day before you move in.

For any companies that don’t let you update your address directly, you can apply on the Australia Post website to temporarily redirect mail from your old address to the new one.

6. Pack Your Essential Items

Final step! In the week or two before the big move, it’s time to gradually pack high-use items like clothes and kitchen equipment. Set aside a suitcase or travel bag each with clothes, toiletries and other essentials for a few days, and then get everything else into clearly labelled boxes. These are the boxes you’ll want to open first after the move, so move them in your own car or keep track of what the movers do with them.

Now’s also the time to do your final cleaning of the apartment and get it ready for the next occupant. If you’re arranging a cleaning service, book them for the day after your move so they can get to every nook and cranny.

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